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Start Making Preparations

If you consider eating fast and junkfood your everyday activity, seem like you have gained several extrapounds over the previous several extra pounds but still enjoy anoccasional burger with super-sized everything that can be offered inthe restaurant you are a walking corpse, however grim this mightsound. Moreover, if, in addition to all these things, you are not agreat fan of walking, let alone running or some serious recreation,but you rather like to sit at home, in front of the TV, eating snacksand having a cigarette every now and then, you are well on your way to thenext level of live which will need you to descend for about 6 feetbelow ground.

Our body is our own vessel of physicalexistence and as such, it is the indicator of our health. If we knowthat we are not obese when we are born and that obesity itself makeslife much, much harder, perhaps we should stop eating, for instance.Or, if we wake up coughing blood, we should interpret this as a signof warning and quit smoking. On the other hand, most of us will justcough it all out before they light another smoke, for the sake ofenjoyment. Well, take a good look in the mirror and check yourself.If you happen to show the symptoms of dying due to yourself-negligence, start making adequate preparations.

You do not want to die being a burdenon the backs of those who have put up with you during youraddictions. Thus, take care of the expenses, make sure your coffinhandles are strong enough to support you and choose a good butaffordable coffin shop. Unless you change your ways, you will be gonesoon so it is better to go out in style.

Now Seriously...

If you meet the above mentioneddescription, you should really start being more careful and quit allthe things which make you sick and dying. Obesity attacks your heart,your liver, pancreas and blood in general, being a danger to yourentire cardiovascular system. This state of body and mind triggersthousands of premature deaths around the world. All these peoplecould have been happy and healthy and so can you, before it is toolate.

Obesity is taking the lead whencompared by deaths from excessive smoking. Therefore, look in themirror and make sure you do your best not to see a walking dead, buta healthy, fit and satisfied person, enjoying life without excessiveeating or addiction to smoking, alcohol and other damagingsubstances.

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