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It is a wide spread factthat smoking cigarettes is bad for our health. It is a vice that ruins thehealth so if you decide to give up smoking we will give you some facts thatwill make your decision even firmer. According to the statistics, after oneyear without cigarettes, a risk of heart disease is reduced in half and after10 years the odds for development of a lung cancer are decreased in ahalf. Smoking has a lot of side effects that can lead to slowly death,because active smokers have chances of developing lung cancer emphysema andheart disease. It is proved also that smoking has effects on the liver,digestive system and gallstones so if you take a look at only one smokingside effect you can see that smoking is an enemy to our body.


Female population thatsmokes has a risk of developing lung cancer, cancer of mouth, larynx,esophagus, urinary track, kidney, cervix and pancreas, while in the physicalappearance, the teeth turn black, they have a bad smell and their face turnsyellow. Breast cancer, the major cause of deaths in the world, has a betterchance of developing in a woman smoker than in a non-smoker. Fertility ina woman is also endangered with smoking, because the chances of gettingpregnant are reduced or if a woman is pregnant she my havecomplications during the pregnancy that may influence the fetus. Sudden InfantDeath Syndrome and mental retardation are connected with smoking duringpregnancy while children who live with parents who smoke are at risk ofdeveloping asthma, because they are second smokers. Some people refuse to quitsmoking because they are afraid that they will gain a few pounds more. That ispartly true but what are a few pounds more in comparison to healthy lungs andstrong heart?

The fact that smokingreduces a life for 12 years is astonishing. If someone is a lifetime smoker,then his lungs are barely functioning. It is because over a period of time hislungs and airways damage resulting in a chronic bronchitis. Due to smoking,millions of Americans suffer from heart disease, cancer, respiratoryproblems, and osteoporosis. According to the statistics14% of deliveries thatoccurred before time are due to smoking, and 10 % of all cases of infant deathare caused by smoking. We hope that this information increased your desire togive up smoking (if you are smoker) or to help and persuade someone to give up.

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