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Lymphedemais the name given to the characteristic swelling that appears usually in justone arm or leg, but there are cases when both arms or legs are affected. Lymphedemahappens because the lymph cannot normally flow through the lymphatic system,due to some blockage in it, which has for the consequence the typical swelling.There are several symptoms for lymphedema which can be noticed either on arm oron leg, and some of them are visible swelling of a part, or if entire arm orleg including even fingers or toes, the feeling of tightness and aching in theaffected limb, and limited motion. The person who suffers from this illness mayalso have returning and frequent infections, as well as hardening andthickening of the skin of the legs or arms, which are affected with lymphedema.

Lymphedemacan be mild and severe. If the swelling prolongs, it is very important to visitthe doctor. The specific treatment for lymphedema does not exist, but if it ispossible to ease and alleviate the swelling and painful. Exercises, wrapping thearm or leg, massage, pneumatic compression, and compression garments can be ofgreat help for lymphedema. Herbs and nutritional supplements are recommended, alongwith these methods of treatment.

Of thenutritional supplements the compound bromelain and the butcher’s broomruscogenin, which are taken in the form of tablet, are very effective for lymphedema.If the person feels some uncomfortable itching in the affected limb, it isimportant to stop taking these supplements. Ginger tea consumed threetimes a day can be very helpful in increasing the lymph flow and decreasing theinflamed tissue in the legs or arms. The horse chestnut Aescin cream or Aescintablets are effective in reducing the swelling and in making the lymphaticvessel walls stronger. The pregnant women must not use these herbalsupplements. Furthermore, the ligament proanthocyanidins grape seeds or pine barks extract tablets are also beneficial, because they decrease the inflammation,thus leading to the swelling reduction.

Sweetclover ointment is an herbal supplement which helps in improving the circulation ofthe lymph through the lymphatic system and in addition helps in faster healingof the skin wounds that sometimes appears as a result of lymphedema. Usually itis used in the form of herbal tincture. If the person notices any yellowing ofthe skin or in eyes, or has some strange itching in the affected arms or legs, it isadvisable to immediately stop the using of this supplement.

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