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Cold sores

Cold sore is one of the most frequent infections that occur in the humans. The main cause for this infection is the virus called herpes simplex virus type 1. There is also herpes simplex virus type 2 which, in the majority of cases, causes genital herpes, although, it may happen vice versa, so that herpes simplex virus type 1 causes genital herpes, while herpes simplex virus type 2 causes oral herpes. However, this may happen only in small number of cases. Once the virus penetrates into the body, it remains there for the rest of the life, but it is not dangerous when it is controlled. However, there are certain factors that lead to the extreme production of the virus and in such cases, the overproduction of the virus leads to the occurrence of cold sores, a very contagious condition that can be easily passed from person to person.

The most obvious symptoms of cold sores are visible blisters on the area around the mouth. They are very uncomfortable and very unpleasant, so therefore, they cause a great deal of distress for the person that gets infected. However, there are several steps that we can do to eliminate these cold sores very fast.

Tips to eliminate cold sores fast

If a cold sore appears, it is recommended to rub benzyl alcohol over the cold sore, because it can be very helpful and beneficial. Since the immune system is weak, it is important to make it stronger by taking lots of vitamin C, vitamin B12, and lysine. Furthermore, in order to get rid of the cold sore very quickly, the affected person should put ice packs on the sore, which is good because the growth of virus is reduced by the cold temperatures. It is also suggested not to eat foods rich in acids, such as oranges and tomatoes. Moreover, drinking of soda should be avoided.

Garlic is also considered to be very helpful for treating the cold sores, and it can be applied on the sore, or eaten. Applying tea bags on the sore several times a day for fifteen minutes is also very beneficial. The thick paste made of paracetamol crushed tablet may be rubbed over the cold sore, and by doing this, the sore becomes invisible the next day. To eliminate the cold sore over the night, it is recommended to apply the toothpaste before going to sleep, since the toothpaste will dry out the cold sore. Applying peroxide on the sore, or a lot of petroleum jelly, can be also very effective.

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