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Two important elements for a healthy skin are nutrition and a lifestyle. This is the basis of whole body health, and consequently, skin health. Body metabolism disorders can very easily be manifested on the skin. For example, dry skin can mean that one is heaving insufficient levels of water in his body. Bad choice of food can also induce skin problems. This is why staying away from junk food would be a great idea. On the other side, incorporating some fruit and vegetables into your diet would be useful for you, because these foods contain many vitamins and minerals and other compounds that are beneficial for the whole body health and, of course, the skin. Because of that, it is advisable not to consume alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. When talking about lifestyle, the most important thing is to have a good sleep, and plenty of exercises. Exercise can tighten up your skin, and good sleep is important for the whole body. Combination of these two and appropriate diets can improve your skin condition in a short period of time. One should drink sufficient amounts of water. Drinking water is important since water is keeping your skin moisturized. Furthermore, it is significant to be gentle to your skin. Brush your skin gently and careful, and take care of what kind of skin care products you use. Only use quality products that are good for your skin type. Your dermatologist should give you the right advice about skin-care products that are good for your skin type.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Skin

One should wash his or her skin once, and even twice a day. Especially for people living in polluted areas, it is important to keep his/hers skin clean. Furthermore, it is essential to use adequately warm water for skin cleaning, because, too cold, or too hot water can harm your skin. Use sun protective formula to protect your skin from the sun’s ultra violet rays that can harm your skin. Not protecting your skin from UV rays can cause skin cancer. Sunscreen should be applied on all unprotected areas when you are out in the sun.Always retain your skin moisturized. This is one of the most important skin care tips. Besides the fact that dry skin is rough and unappealing dryness of the skin causes the skin to crack. Do not apply soap directly to you face, because soap should be used for washing skin from the neck below.

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