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Taking care of our skin is actually a very important part of takinga proper care of our health in general. However, the fact is that not manypeople are aware of this, while on the other side, there are those who are surethat it is enough to employ water and soap only for that purpose,particularly if they are lucky enough to have good skin. This is far fromtruth, because even the luckiest ones will not benefit from their perfect skin forlong if they do not invest some time and effort to help their skin remain thatway. Cleansing, toning and nourishment are absolutely necessary, and this is somethingthat has to be done on regular basis, not just from time to time. Still, thisdoes not mean that it is enough to buy just any of the products available onthe market, because not all the products are intended for all the skin types,and it is important to pay attention to the ingredients of such products.

Vitamins for healthy skin

The majority of skin care products contain vitamins as well,because they have a number of beneficial features for the skin and its health. Forthis reason, it is important to know at least some basic characteristics of themost important vitamins, which means vitamin A, C, K, E.

Vitamin A helps the skin to look more fresh, but it isnecessary to be careful when it comes to this vitamins because it can easilyprovoke irritation or increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun.Vitamin C is also a very potent antioxidant, which is why itis practically inevitable in anti-aging skin care products. It slows down theprocess of aging but it also has the ability to reverse them.Vitamin K is beneficial for the skin because it helps ingetting rid of the dark circles under eyes, although in order to get rid ofthem permanently, it is necessary to reduce the levels of stress and to makesure that the body is provided with enough of sleep.Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant, which means thatit fights off free radicals such as smoke, pollutants, thus protecting the skinfrom their negative influence. Besides, it helps the skin to remainmoisturized.

Aside from these vitamins, vitamin B is also good forhealthy skin, particularly vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12.

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