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A Boy or a Girl?!

While still pregnant, many mothers try to guess their child's sex. This presents an excellent topic to dwell upon while waiting for your child to come out and meet you in person. It is fun and serves to express your love and caring about your baby. Also, it helps the mother imagine what her baby will look like as it is a crucial clue. All in all, it is a very interesting and joyful procedure.

However, numerous mothers claim that they have “felt” if their child was to be a boy or a girl at the very start of their pregnancies. Moreover, these women tend to successfully guess sexes of other women's babies. There are numerous factors and approaches which can help a woman to know her child's sex. If you are interested in which ones those are, read on.

What Science Has to Offer

First of all, the ultrasound has proven to be the most popular way of deducing your child's sex. Therefore, it is practiced by many. Depending on the capabilities of the doctor and the type of the machine itself, in the optimal situations one is capable of knowing his or her child's sex after less then two months of pregnancy. In addition to this approach, there is a genetic testing, which can alternatively be used for sex recognition.

Additional tests which are not meant specifically for determining the sex of the baby, but may be used for these purposes as well are chronic villus sampling and amniocenteses. The first test involves checking for any genetic abnormalities while at the same time getting to know its sex. The later, however, is far more risky as it involves stabbing a needle into the abdominal area and taking samples of amniotic fluid.

Unorthodox, Exotic Ways

Tradition and tales of the old suggest several methods of telling which sex will the baby have. Firstly, there is a theory that, if a mother craves for sweets while pregnant, she will surely give birth to a girl. On the other hand, if she craves for sour, salty and bitter foods, a son is bound to be born.

Another interesting approach relies on the height of a pregnant woman's stomach. Namely, if her baby is high – it will be a girl. Therefore, a baby carried lower in the stomach is supposedly going to be a boy. Also, heart rate is said to play a role too, more than 140 beats per minute meaning a girl is to be born while everything under this predicts a boy.

Finally, there are more ways, proven or not, which can help one satisfies his or her desire for knowing the awaited baby's gender. However, these above may keep future moms and dads occupied enough.

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