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The Right Fragrance

Humans are sensitive to scents to theextent of manipulation. Namely, we are more likely to get a good impression about someone whosmells good and attractive instead of paying attention to a personwho does not wear a specific fragrance on him/her or emits odors.

Therefore, since ages ago, we have beenprone to choosing perfect perfumes, deodorants and other carriers offragrances and scents in order to become more attractive and have atrademark of our presence affecting other people around uspositively. Fragrances can be sexy, seductive, interesting,mysterious, serious etc. Thus, every person can find a message theywould like to convey about themselves through a specific fragrance.

We usually choose fragrances when welike something we smell on other people. Often we inquire aboutthe name of the perfume and then find it ourselves, wanting the sameeffect to be felt by others when we are around. Unfortunately, we allhave specific skin scents and many times something that smells goodon one person may not be the same for you. Thus, finding a trademarkperfume or fragrance can be quite a quest. Nevertheless, it is aworthy quest since once you find a scent which fits you perfectly youwill feel better about yourself, be more confident and attract morepositive attention.

How To Choose Your Fragrance?

Once you decide to find a specificcologne or perfume, fitting you perfectly, you need to have severalthings on your mind.

For example, on a romantic night, youmay want to wear something made of flowers, possibly with a vanillascent to give it the right twist. On the other hand, for the office,you need something more subtle and fresh, like a mixture of floweryscents with lemon, tangerine, oranges, lime etc. For winter eveningsyou are best with oriental scents which are also flowers, but mixedwith spices, balsams, resins and many other natural elements.

Thus, you need to know what kind ofscent you need for the right occasion. Then, you need to know theright “dosage”. Men usually wear cologne since this product bearsthe least strong scent, fading more quickly. Women, on the otherhand, go for stronger scents and fragrances, which stay effective fora long time. For these purposes, pure perfumes are used. However,these are quite expensive.

So, you have to match the fragrance,the concentration, the purpose and the occasion properly. Also, barein mind that wearing perfumes in hospitals, theaters, publictransportation, churches and other similar places can have a negativeeffect, especially if the fragrance is strong and dominant.

All in all, these are the basics aboutperfumes and fragrances. The rest is up to you, discover your idealscent or a group of fragrances for different occasions.

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