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Amazingly, purchasing the ingredients to make your own perfume can work out up to ninety per cent cheaper than buying the same perfume in a shop or store. The price of perfumes are mainly down to packaging costs and brand name notability. Taxes and other related costs are also added to the price of retail perfume. Commercialization plays an important role in convincing consumers to buy a particular perfume, but why not try constructing your own perfume recipe. This way, one can choose the fragrance one desires and also spend far less money in the process.


One of the best things about creating your own perfume is that you can ensure, if you choose, to include only natural ingredients. Your own creation will most likely be free of additives, preservatives and chemicals, which means you won’t have to worry about allergies or similar problems. Some people might have severe or unpleasant reactions to certain perfumes, which is a problem that should not occur if you create your own perfume. However, it should be remembered that certain essential oils can cause certain types of reactions, but this is rare.

About perfumes

The strength of the perfume will depend on the combination of liquids that are included, like water, alcohol and essential oils. Potent perfumes will contain around 15-30% essential oil, 70-85% alcohol and at least 5% of spring water. One should try to use spring water or distilled water as much as possible. Vodka or brandy can be used for the alcohol content. However, remember that brandy might also have its own particular aroma. Perfume can be colored through the use of vegetable dye. It is advised that you note down the quantities that you wish to use. One drop of an essential oil can entirely change the composition of the perfume.

Making perfume

Mix the desired percentage of essential oils with the alcohol. Stir the mix, cover and cool for about two days. Then, mix in around 5% of spring water and stir once more. Allow for another two days cooling and covering. Pour the resultant liquid into a sterilized, dark container. Liquid should be poured through a coffee filter.

There are certain types of oil that combine well. For example, you might try a composition of two drops of lavender oil, four drops of carnation oil, three drops of juniper oil, two drops of jasmine oil and three drops of ylang-ylang.

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