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17 celebrity perfumes were analyzed and the findings are shocking. The top selling perfumes include dozen secret chemicals that are not listed on the labels! Most of these non-listed chemicals can trigger allergic reaction or can disrupt both female and male hormones. These perfumes include chemicals and substances that have not been assessed for safety by the beauty industry's self-policing review panels.

The perfumes that are hiding dangerous ingredients are: Britney Spears' Curious, Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity, Calvin Klein Eternity, Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce, Halle by Halle Berry, Quicksilver (for men), Glow by JLO. Study was conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of health and environmental groups. In the study 17 scents were tested in an independent laboratory. The findings revealed that the scents contained 10 sensitizing chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, headaches and skin rashes. Additionally, perfumes Halle by Halle Berry, Quicksilver (for men) and Glow by JLO contain chemicals that disrupt chemicals and that are linked to long-term health effects such as infertility, learning disabilities and increased risk of cancer!

While this study reveals the hidden hazards, second hand scent is also a big concern: you don't have to use yourself, it is enough that you smell it in school, or on bus. One person using a fragranced product can cause a health problem for many other people. People are not aware what are they putting on their skin! And it is absolutely disgusting and disturbing that these companies are not revealing the information on labels while they should! This is a fraud and they should be penalized for that. Moreover, John Bailey from the Personal Care Products Council said that the report mentioned above misrepresents the science. John Bailey alleges that many chemicals have not been tested for safety, and that consumers can be confident in the safety of their products.

Oooh, I see it hasn't been proved that is unsafe! The conclusion: it is safe??? Wrong, John Bailey, this is just wrong! This industry pulls in billions of dollars in sales, and while they do, they should at least respect the customer, don't you think? And, hey celebrities, I know you have nothing to do with the chemicals etc. but while these perfumes are promoted on the behalf of your name (and fame) show some true leadership and taking a stand against toxic chemicals in personal care products, beginning with your own fragrance lines!

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