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Components of a perfume

The elements that make up a perfume are the key factor which tells us if it is worthy of spending a big amount of money on it. Many people cannot imagine preparing properly for a special event without applying a nice fragrance. It is generally a good move, since a nice scent will make you more memorable to people and you will likely make a better first impression. Nowadays fragrances are manufactured from all sorts of ingredients, and there are incredibly many different beautiful scents that you can wear.

Not very many individuals know what perfumes consist of. Of course, there is water in it, plus various essential oils and chemicals, and they are all incorporated in amounts which make up a special and unique recipe for every single perfume out there on the market.

Natural oils extracted from the plants

This ingredient is the one that is necessarily to be found in every quality perfume. Essential oils that are part of perfumes are extracted from various plants and sometimes fruits. The selection of essential oils in a perfume dictates its aroma. For instance, most frequently you will find oils of the lavender plant or from tea tree in a perfume. Apart from them, the most typically used oils are also those of rosemary, mint, and spearmint, and their unique aromas enable perfumes to create an incredible aura of scent around the person that is wearing it.

Chemical components of fragrances

Apart from the natural constituents of perfumes, nowadays synthetic ones are used. They virtually cannot be avoided in contemporary cosmetic industry. Those chemicals are something used to improve or mimic the scent of some natural component that is not available to be put into a perfume. But please beware of the fact that these synthetic components can sometimes induce side-effects, in case the fragrance gets in touch with the skin. It you possibly can, make sure to purchase a natural perfume made of totally natural components. Some of the elements that are not natural and that can be found in a perfume are benzyl alcohol, different aldehydes or camphor.

Animal origins of components

There also some elements of perfumes coming from animals. For instance, in a perfume you can usually find honey or ambergris. Furthermore, you have probably heard of perfumes which contain musk or civet. Since animal rights have to be respected too, today you will find perfumes that do not contain these components but instead synthetic substitutes.

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