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ABrief Introduction

Ahuman possesses about the same number of odor receptors as any othermammal. However, humans may experience the sense of smell both:

physiologically and


Thatis to say, there is synergy to the sense, and it is this phenomenonthat is the basis to aromatherapy. That very synergy is very likelyalso the key to the ability of differentiating 10,000+ odorvariations with a mere 1,000 olfactory sensors. Geneticists theorizethat our nerves have the ability to “memorize and storepictures” of certain sensations, and call upon them at a later timewhen they are needed. They further explain that even the slightest ofdeviations from the already memorized constitutes a new sensation forthe nerves, as for the brain.

Becauseof its capabilities and functions it serves to the human body,historians have discussed that the human sense has played a key rolein evolution of civilization as well.

Timeis of Great Importance

Atit has been noted previously, the sense of smell has played a keyrole in human evolution. But not only as a means of indulgingpleasure from things that smell pretty. The hardwired bits in ourbrain have served as warning signs in situations of danger –because the fact is, most of the things that would kill us if we'dput them in our mouths smell terrible by default.

From the Historical Aspect

Thefollowing is a list of anecdotes considered interesting for theirdisplay of the importance of the ability to smell.

Incence – 3000 B.C., the Mesopotamians' first attempt at influencing odor.

Cocoa, vanilla, tobacco and cloves were first introduce to Europeans (via the American Indian) during the Renaissance Age.

King Louis VI creates “Perfumed Court” by means of mandating his courtiers change fragrance on a daily basis.

During the Napoleonic Era, Bonaparte uses up to two quarters of violet cologne on a weekly basis, after which he is labeled the world's first fragrance addict.

The first American Made cologne – Florida Water – was made during the early 19th century.

The 19th century brings the birth of the first perfumery.

2005., Unilever sells $200 million worth of AXE.

Scent& Technology

Scentalso has an important role in other, non-hedonistic fields, such as:

criminal investigation

security applications

psychological research

amnesiac therapy, and


Thereis now also an “electronic nose” which works pretty much like thehuman one, except it is far sharper.

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