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Though it may notfall into the category of those most severe conditions, dry skin is mostcertainly quite a nuisance, and in case the condition deteriorates, it can befairly difficult to cope with. Dry skin itself can be induced by a variety offactors, as well as by the presence of an internal disease. Quite frequentlyblamed are also eczema and dermatitis. But in order for a person to be able toavoid the occurrence of dry skin altogether, it is of utmost importance todiscover what the underlying condition is, i.e. what lies at the root ofthis awkward condition.

Skin facts

What also needs to bepointed out is that when skin is healthy, it is covered and protected by a thinlayer of natural lipids. These in turn make sure that the skin is well moisturized,making it soft and glossy. On the other hand, numerous external factors that influence the skin, as well as peoples’ neglect, contribute to a forcefulelimination of the beneficial fatty acids, thus leaving the person’s skinunprotected and vulnerable. In addition, dry skin can also be a directconsequence of a certain internal abnormality or ailment, but on rare occasionshowever.

Culprits revealed

Eczema represents a bundle of various distinct conditions that affectthe skin in a negative way. What they bring about are inflammation, as well asskin irritation. Some of the most common underlying conditions are considered to be asthma, various allergies and hay fever. As for manifestations, themost frequently occurring ones are redness, dryness and intense itchiness. Incase a person overdoes it with scratching, the eczema tend to crack, which isaccompanied by oozingDermatitis refers to the inflammation of the person’s skin, which is almost immediatelyfollowed by such manifestations as itchiness and redness. Given the fact thatit resembles the above mentioned condition, differentiating them can sometimesbe quite a difficult task. But basically, dermatitis refers to an allergicreaction induced by a certain substance, which is completely different in thecase of eczema

What to avoid

Everything said sofar can, luckily, be avoided, but a person needs to adhere to certain “rules”and not give in to the old habits, which can quite often make the condition muchworse. What ought to be avoided at all cost is not letting your skin dry outtoo much after a bath (immediate moisturizer application), showers should notbe endless nor too hot, abstain from clothes made of wool, avoid dry air and donot scratch.

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