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What is tapping therapy and what problems can it treat?

When it comes to the tapping therapy, the truth is that theopinions about this relatively new method of treatment are divided; there arethose who support it and those who are very suspicious about its credibility. Emotionalfreedom technique is another term used for this therapy, which actuallyconsists of tapping the acupressure points. It is believed that this tapping,along with focusing on some memory that is traumatic or some psychologicalproblem may help a lot in curing, which is why it is used a lot in removingnegative emotions and feelings and in curing a number of psychologicalproblems. This therapy is based on the manipulation of energy Meridians that are present all over the body, since it is thought that negative emotionsdisturb the energy field of the body. Some of the problems that can be treated withtapping therapy are phobias, stress and post traumatic stress disorder,addictions and bad habits, psychological traumas, negative obsessive thoughts, lowself-esteem, depression, chronic sadness, insomnia, grief, anger and a number ofother problems.

On the other side, there are a number of physical problems and conditions in the treatment ofwhich this therapy has proven to be helpful and among them are fibromyalgia,allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, and a number of autoimmune disorders.

What about the criticism of this kind of therapy?

As for the criticism, it mostly refers to the authenticity andcredibility of this therapy. It is impossible to prove its credibilityscientifically, for example, which is why those who criticize it claim that itis not possible to manipulate Meridians in the body in this way. Still, here itis important to emphasize that not even these critics deny that people dobenefit from this therapy and that it does provide relief and help. They docompare its effect to the effect of the Placebo, but they do admit it.

However, in spite of the fact that a very small number of peopleknows about this therapy, the fact is that the number of cases in which it hasgiven excellent results is constantly increasing, which speaks enough about itseffectiveness and ability to help. It is very easy to learn about acupressure points,but it is also recommendable to consult an expert before deciding to give it achance.

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