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A tooth abscess is a pus that gets enclosed in the tissues found in the jaw bone which are located at the tip of a tooth that got infected. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection that gets accumulated in the soft pulp of the particular tooth. Abscess is usually the result of a cracked tooth, untreated tooth decay or perhaps extensive periodontal disease and it commonly originates from dead tissue of the tooth pulp. It can also be triggered by a failed or an improper treatment of a root canal.

Bacteria that enter the tooth filling usually multiply and develop a tooth abscess and a pus taste. There are three different types of dental abscess. The first one is the gingival abscess which is characterized by only involving the gums and it does not affect the periodontal ligament or the teeth. Periapical abscess is characterized by starting in the dental pulp exclusively. The periodontal abscess gets developed in the structures and bones that support the teeth.

Complications and Symptoms

Complications of a tooth abscess are actually complication of tooth decay and are most commonly characterized by small balls of pus that are surrounded by a tissue that has been inflamed. Pus is a creamy consistency with a characteristic pale yellow color and it consists of white blood cells, liquefied dead tissue and dead and live bacteria.

A chipped, broken or a decayed tooth has openings in its enamel which allows the bacteria to infect its center. The infection may be spread to the root and the supporting bones so it is of utmost importance to treat the infection on time. Smaller abscesses are also easier to treat than the large and faster growing ones. Dead tooth is also one of the most common causes of tooth abscesses. A tooth abscess is usually characterized by certain symptoms which commonly include swollen tooth, painful chewing, toothache, fever, loss of appetite, dental pain, and face swelling on the side of the particular problematic tooth.

Tooth abscess complications are actually secondary conditions of tooth abscesses and their symptoms usually include tooth loss, jawbone damage, infection being spread to the soft tissue and other areas of the body. Other severe symptoms may include heart damage, coma and sometimes even death. Certain other tooth abscess complications may include sinus infection, sinus inflammation and actinomycosis. Dental abscesses may also lead to a deep neck infection which may even be fatal in certain cases.

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