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Lymphedema is one among the very discomforting diseases. It can cause a serious psychological and emotional stress when patients see themselves the way others do. This can be a very difficult situation. Although it cannot be cured, certain steps can be made in order to control the condition, and that is what we will talk about in the following text. First, we\'ll say a word or two about the lymphatic system. In it, lymph is gathered in a standard body. All of this happens in a location called lymph vessel. There are many of them in the system, and they turn the fluid back to the blood. But sometimes these vessels can get blocked and the fluid can remain in the tissue, creating an area of swelling. This tissue has to be drained of all the lymphatic liquid. If by some chance this isn\'t done, the problems can get bigger. Many terrible complications are possible if lymphedema isn\'t treated. This lymph will get bigger over time, getting several times greater mass.

Every third woman with breast cancer, after getting lymph nodes excised, develops lymphedema. Even a returning cancer can be the cause of lymphedema. Many consider this to be connected with the extreme use of mineral sodium by cancer. This disease can be hard, but you shouldn\'t just give up since there is no cure. Many home remedies can be used to decrease the effect and make life bearable. Every case needs a different treatment, but we can state several common remedies. Your nutrition is very important. You need to make your body work as less as possible. So eat lightly items such as fruit, drink teas from natural herbs, and use sea salt. Drink plenty of water and remember to wash the fruit meticulously before eating it. Eat a lot of yogurt and products with whole wheat. Things you should remove from your diet are white bread, red meat, artificial sweeteners, coffee, greasy food, soda, food with high level of glucose, and remember to drink filtered water since the tap water has a lot of chlorine. You need to clear your body. Some drugs, compression garments and massages can be used in combination with stated treatment. Several remedies are quite effective.

Butcher’s broom Ruscogenin tablets will help by making vessels stronger. Once during the day take 100 mg in the course of three months. Emu oil can be rubbed on ailing location. You can also take 1000 mg of emu oil capsule per day. Medication, based on pineapple, will decrease the inflammation. You should take 250-500 mg between the meals three times a day. You can also try taking 50 mg of horse chestnut per day, one or two capsules of fish oil per day, drinking ginger tea three times during the day, 1000 mg of flaxseed oil capsule twice during the day, 200 mg of grape seed or pine bark extract. Taking 200 mg of magnesium and 400 mg of calcium capsules can be helpful, along with consumption of probiotics. All of the mentioned remedies will help with lymphedema, by decreasing the infection or in some other way.

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