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Standard treatments for cases of herniated disk, sciatica, lower back pain or bulging disk are relatively limited; you can do special sets of exercises designed to strengthen your back, rest regularly, apply heat or cold in cases of back pain or take some of the pain killer drugs.

Alternative Therapies

But there are several alternative therapies for lower back pain like spinal or chiropractic manipulation (which is effective for cases of acute low back pain but not for sciatica), yoga and breathing exercises (which may relieve the low back pain), acupuncture (which is traditional Chinese healing technique where thin needles are inserted in specific point in the body, and which can provide short term relief in cases of low back pain) and massage (which can be combine with aromatherapy essential oils to provide pain relief).

Home and Homeopathic Remedies for Back Pain and Herniated Disk Problems

Besides alternative therapies there are alternative treatments for herniated disk and other similar back pain problems. In case of homeopathic remedies, they should be combined with exercises to provide you with best results. Homeopathy is excellent alternative to medicaments, it has no side effects and it is safe and cheap to use. Just make sure that before you start using any of the homeopathic remedies, you consult your doctor of homeopathic expert for instructions about which remedy to choose, how to use it, dosages etc.

Juices of potato and celery are very healthy and can help you in cases of sciatica. If you combine these two juices and drinks the daily in the amount of 10 oz, it would provide you with sciatica relief. You can even add carrots in it for the strength and taste. Elderberry tea or juice is also very helpful and effective. It is known muscle relaxant and stimulant.

B1 and B complex vitamins in combination with raw garlic or garlic supplements are excellent remedy for pain relief in cases of back aches. B vitamins are very powerful antioxidants and they provide the body with lots of energy. Natural sources of vitamin B are spinach, liver, bananas, green peas, pork and beef, nuts, rice, and soybeans.

Garlic milk is used very successfully in treatments of sciatica, in combination with two cloves of garlic with coup of milk, twice per day. But in cases that you have any of the bleeding disorders, taking medications like anticoagulants or ulcers you should avoid using garlic.

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