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The discipline of homeopathy is based on treating the individual patient with highly diluted substances which triggers the body’s natural system of curing. Symptoms are being seen as a part of a wider scope, involving the whole person. Homeopathic remedies, used to cure symptoms in illness, are made of substances that would normally cause those same symptoms in a healthy person.

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, derived from natural sources and usually have no side-effects. That is why they may be safely used together with conventional medicines prescribed by doctor. However, consulting an experienced practitioner before taking any of the homeopathic solutions is well recommended.

In the breech presentation, the baby goes through the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first as in contrast to the normal head first presentation. Breech presentations are considered normal but they carry on some serious risks to the health of a newborn. Midwives are often more exposed to this risk and in some cases they are prevented by law from attending vaginal breech deliveries. However, there are plenty of natural methods that may help these babies to turn prenatally.


Pulsatilla, also known as pasqueflower, is most helpful when used before the presenting put is deeply engaged in the pelvis and before the bag of water is broken. To understand how pulsatilla works it is important to realize that the uterus grows asymmetrically and the baby fits in there in any possible way. Pulstilla stimulates even grow of uterus muscle and baby naturally responds to this shape shifting by taking the most suitable position. Pulsatilla should be everyone’s choice, since there are no known side effects, however, it might come out useless for some patients. This remedy is often used at 35 weeks.

The Chinese Way

Acupuncture is the most prominent alternative medical technique that introduces procedure of inserting and manipulating needles into various points on the body to help treat various health related conditions. Chinese traditional medicine also uses an herb known as Moxa, for turning breech babies. An acupuncture point, outside the little toenail should be stimulated by burning a small quantity of Moxa on each foot for twenty minutes, two times a day for five days. The burning piece should be the size of a grain of rice. This technique should be used between 30 and 36 weeks into pregnancy.


Chiropractic treatment is composed of specific techniques involving manual therapy, manipulation of the spine, joints and soft tissues, to improve their functions. A chiropractic method used to turn breech babies considers re-aligning the pelvis. Treatment lasts for two weeks and it is being performed every 2-3 days.

Additional methods

Walking or crawling on hands and knees for 10 minutes, can create movement in pelvis, making more room for baby to adjust the position. Future mothers may also try breech tilt technique, but only if they don’t suffer from high blood pressure. In this technique, women should lie on her back with a pillow under the head and 2-3 pillows under the hips so that pelvis is raised 9 – 12 inches above the head. Swimming pool activities or simple relaxation in the warm bath may also stimulate baby to turn.

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