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Tooth or teeth extraction maytake place caused by several factors. One of the main is tooth decay. Afterhaving caries for too long, the tooth gets damaged beyond repair and it isnecessary to remove it in order to prevent the decay from spreading to otherteeth. Other reasons for teeth removal may be that certain teeth are in the wayof other who is to emerge or because gums are infected and specific teeth makethe infection even worse.

Regardless of the cause, toothextraction is significantly easier and painless operation than it used to bebefore anesthetics and numerous helpful dental devices were invented. Today,all it takes for a simple tooth extraction is a painless half-hour visit to thedentist. However, sometimes the extraction may not be so simple and may requirea surgical approach. This may usually happen because parts of previouslyextracted teeth may be left in the gums causing infection or irritation, or adecayed tooth may be insufficiently erected from the gums. In all these, andsimilar, cases, surgical extraction is necessary, gums are often cut to makespace, and a few stitches may be applied afterwards.

In some cases of this procedure,whether surgical or not, complications may occur caused by numerous things. Atooth may get damaged during the extraction, making way to nerve damage, orpain. Accidental damage may be done to the surrounding teeth, damaging existingcrowns or the teeth itself, prolonging the process and inflicting pain. Duringthe extraction, the tooth involved may break or parts may be left in the gumsand it may be noticed right away or it may cause severe problems after acertain period when another procedure might be necessary. One of the mostserious complications involves nerve damage and usually takes place duringsurgical removal. Many different nerves may be damaged permanently or they maybe recovered after a month or two.

Another serious damage may affectthe jaw as, during the procedure, it can be broken. Sinus damage is also adental danger since accidentally; parts of sinuses can be hurt while extractingcertain teeth which have roots close to the sinus area. Fractions of removed teethmay reach this area as well damaging the sinuses.

Some complications take placeafter the extraction. Infections, swelling, dry socket, bleeding of gums or thesocket wound are some of them. In most cases they can be cured with specificantibiotics but, unfortunately, they sometimes require further surgicaloperations.

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