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Pain in dental crown

Tooth decay is one of the most common disorders, just like a cold. It may occur in children and adults and may affect anyone. If bacteria are normally present in the mouth, then bacteria convert the  taken food, such as sugar and starch into acids. Bacteria, acid, food debris, and saliva together form a sticky substance called plaque that adheres to the teeth, most likely on the back molars, above the gum, on teeth, and at the edges of fillings. Plaque not removed from the teeth, mineralizes into tartar. Plaque and tartar irritate the gums; this is when gingivitis and periodontitis occur.

During the process of dental crown fabrications, dental crown may be very painful. A decay or rotten tooth may spread to not just dentin but pulp as well and this is the reason why it is necessary to treat canal root.  A deficient tooth structure may be caused by the tooth fracture, for what reason dental crown need to be covered in order to prepare surface of a tooth. And sometimes, root canal treatment and a crown restoration are important. After such procedure patients may feel pain of a dental crown.

Dental Crown Pain Causes

1) -   Induced Sensitivity by Recession if the crown is old, slow and little falling of the crown on the gingival may cause a loss of a gum line. In that way the exposed root surface can be more affected than the crown and the teeth become oversensitive to hot or cold.

2)  - Flossing That May Harm Tooth a new crown needs to be looked after on a right way because no food particles can not clog the area and allow microbial pollution. Also brushing teeth or flossing may traumatize gingival and that would make painful gums. It is vital to visit dentist on time before it gets too late.

3)  - Improper Root Canal wrongly done root canal procedure may lead to pain as well. The root canal pain comes up after the dental procedure, if pulp tissue is still in the canal or if the filling in the canal spreads over periodical area. The pain is located in tooth but it may feel like dental crown pain. A temporary crown is necessary because of the aesthetic reasons.

4)  - Falling on Gingival If the crown is wrongly placed, the crown is overextended, and the surface of gums will fall, and the gums would be swollen all around the area of tooth. If is too little in height, in that case it may expose a part of prepared surface of the tooth. This exposed area might be a good area portion to entraps food particles and for micro organisms to spread, and to cause swollen gums, to cause pain or infection.

Dentist may make a wrong evaluation or to make a mistake and make a wrong fitting. With the wrong fitting, crown may become too loose and for this reason, patient may fracture the prepared surface of tooth.

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