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Receding Gums

Receding gums are known to cause different dental problems and therefore it is necessary to adequately and promptly treat this condition.

Receding gums are caused by the slow erosion of the gum tissue. It takes time, even many years, to progress to the stages when the tooth roots get exposed. The illness doesn’t hurt and the patients don’t suspect anything for a long time. Besides, the exposed tooth roots, patients might experience the bleeding of the gums when brushing the teeth, increased space between the teeth, increased tooth sensitivity and the tooth cavities under the gum line.

Usually, gum receding affects the people over 40 years of age. Some of the patients don’t pay much attention to the problem, thinking that it is the condition appropriate for their age. Gum receding might also be the symptom of some other problems, both teeth-related and other medical issues, and therefore shouldn’t be neglected.

The most common cause of receding gums is aggressive brushing of the teeth, which wears off the enamel of the teeth and expose tooth roots. Specialists use the term toothbrush abrasion to describe this condition. Other causes might be: misaligned teeth, periodontal problems, eating disorders, piercing on the tongue or the lips, or the use of tobacco.

Prevention of Receding Gums

Maintain the good oral hygiene to prevent the receding of the gumsRegularly visit your dentist to check the teethUse vitamin supplements, especially vitamins B and CUse mineral supplements (calcium, phosphorus and magnesium)

Treatment of Receding Gums

The treatments are proven to be successful in most of the cases.

If you notice any of the symptoms of receding gums, you should immediately check those with your dentist. He/she will properly diagnose the condition and suggest the suitable treatment.

When overaggressive brushing has caused the gum receding, patients are advised to use a softer toothbrush. Also, it is often recommended to use different brushing technique.

Oversensitive teeth might be relieved with some ointments or desensitizing products. Specialists also recommended toothpastes specially made for sensitive teeth and for patients that have some gum problems.

Misaligned teeth are the problem which is usually corrected with some dental treatments.

There is a treatment known as the periodontal plastic surgery or gum grafting. This surgical procedure is used in severely affected gums, and it may be either repositioning or replacement of the gum tissue in order to fix serious gum receding. This treatment is not painful for the patients, since it is undertaken in local anesthesia.

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