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Gums that bleed when brushing is a problem that affects many people an it can be quite frightening, because the sight of one’s own blood is always unpleasant. There are several possible reasons why this happens. Some of them are perfectly harmless and easy to remedy, while others are a bit more serious and require medical attention.

Brushing method and toothbrush

Sometimes all it takes to stop the gums from bleeding is to change the way the teeth are brushed, or to simply switch to a different toothbrush. Hard toothbrushes are useful when it comes to removing the plaque from the teeth, but they can be harsh to the gums and cause them to bleed. Medium or soft brushes are recommended for people who often have the problem with bleeding gums.

Brushing technique is also a possible cause for bleeding gums. Sometimes the gums become irritated if they are brushed too hard or for too long. It is best to consult a dentist and ask him or her about the best ways to brush the teeth.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease

Gums that bleed when brushing is usually considered an early sign of gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the gums that results from the formation of plaque at the junction between the tooth and the gum, leading to bacterial infection.

An advanced form of gum disease is called periodontal disease and, if untreated, it can lead to complete tooth decay and tooth loss. It occurs when plaque is not properly removed from the teeth and it develops into tartar, which is harder and almost impossible to remove without having to go to a dentist.

All forms of gum disease can be prevented or stopped by properly brushing and flossing the teeth, having regular visits at the dentist’s, who will remove plaque and tartar. It is very important to have regular check-ups, because gum disease can become very complicated and even result in the loss of one or more teeth.

Other causes

Improper brushing, hard or harsh toothbrushes and gum disease are the most common and the most important causes of bleeding gums, but there are other possible causes as well. for example, people who have blood disorders are prone to gum bleeding while brushing. This problem also occurs as a side effect of certain medications, especially blood thinners.

Bleeding gums can also result from certain deficiencies, like vitamins C and K deficiency. Some pregnant women often suffer from bleeding gums when they brush, and in their case the cause is most likely a hormonal change that occurs due to pregnancy.

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