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Starting from the first tooth that grows out in a baby's mouth up to a full set of thirty-two pearls, and later on, a lot of care and attention is needed for teeth to really look like pearls. Many doctors will also say that first teeth baby gets (which will be replaced later) also require good cleaning, not because of the teeth, but to teach a child the importance of oral hygiene. Sometimes, that is the hardest part, but prevention is actually the best thing when it comes to dealing with possible teeth problems.

How to maintain oral hygiene?

There are two methods to use when it comes to oral hygiene and the first would be a type of food we eat. It is painfully obvious that certain food types not only creates an excellent environment for infections in our mouth, but they also might cause other systemic problems, such as obesity (and the following conditions, such as high blood pressure, increased levels of sugar and fat, lack of energy, even depression, etc.). Eating non-healthy food, food that can easily destroy tooth enamel, is an excellent thing for further spread of caries.

Second method includes constant cleaning and washing the teeth and gums. This means that most needed instruments here are toothpaste and toothbrush. Picking up a good toothbrush is much harder than it seems, and spending some extra money and buying a better and safer brush is much better, even justified economically (since there will not be any visit to a dentist). As for the toothpaste, market is full of choices and it is true that finding the right paste for one’s teeth is not an easy task. Another instrument that is used in fighting the infection is dental floss, which is an excellent invention, because it was proven that toothbrush, due to the nature of its structure cannot get to some not so easily reachable areas (such as between two teeth).

The importance of gums

When we mention teeth, we have to say that what goes for teeth goes for gums, too. Gums are easily described as muscles of the teeth and they should be healthy, nurtured and trained. A number of dentists will advise that brushing gums is very important because that is the only way to strengthen that muscle. Also, beside toothpaste, there are other products that help with battling the infection. One would be teeth flushing fluids that also create another line of defense against caries. All of these, if used properly, will help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

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