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What is there to know about the fungal infection?

Fungal infections of the skin are among the most common and most stubborn skin conditions. The season is simple; the beneficial surrounding for the growth and multiplication of fungi is the humid environment, and some parts of the body are very frequently damp, such as, for example, the skin of the feet and hands. The most common types of this kind of infection is Candida, athlete’s foot and ringworm.

When such the infectious process happens, the most prominent indicators are the constant irritation, itch, scaling of the skin and the red color of the affected areas, and they can be very troublesome. That is, in the most advanced stages, if not treated, this itch can grow into the pain, some lesions can be created and thus the bleeding may occur. Additionally, one of the most troublesome characteristics of fungi is that they are prone to extend over the nearby areas of the skin, as well.

The natural remedies

In order to successfully deal with this persistent condition, one must realize that the basis of such the treatment is keeping the good regular hygiene and the affected places dry, as more as possible. And, the homemade, natural and herbal remedies are as effective as the artificial medications that can be bought in pharmacies, except they almost never provide the possible negative side effect, like the medications could. Anyway, as already emphasized, the key to the treatment is the regular washing of the skin with simple water and soap. But, one mustn’t forget to wash the hands additionally, since that way the fungi could be passed on to another part of the body.

So, the most effective are the antifungal remedies which dry out the skin, and the most successful is the mixture of the oils extracted from the tea tree and jojoba in the proportion 3:10. This mixture should be put on the spot(s) two times daily. Apple cider vinegar is also effective, but too strong for some individuals. If that is the case, it should be simply weakened by some water and the affected area is the best to be immersed into this bath. These remedies are as effective as the popular cure for fungi, called Dermisil.

It is also recommendable to use some drying agent, such as the powder for annihilation of fungi. But, this therapy must go hand in hand with the useful habit of wearing clean clothes.

These remedies should help in the period of 14 days.

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