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Senior citizens know how to have fun as well, and many times over the holiday season they can overeat and practice unhealthy life habits. This usually leads to making serious changes in their lifestyles in the New Year, but there are simple steps that can be implemented in order to avoid the excess.

Senior citizens can have fun over the holidays without having to suffer in the New Year to improve their healthy.


It is very important even for the elderly to exercise regularly. It does not have to be something strenuous at all. People can take regular walks around the block, maybe go out caroling or to look at the neighborhood Christmas decorations with their family.

However, it is important to be safe as well and dress properly for the weather and bundle up if it is cold. It is also a good idea to carry around a flashlight at night to see where one is walking and to make sure that they do not slip on some ice or frozen sidewalks.

Holiday shopping is something everyone must do, especially senior citizens who have a lot of grandchildren to buy gifts for in the winter. Malls are great places to walk around a lot and get some exercise while shopping. But it is very important not to overexert one’s self - so breaks must be taken every now and then.

Seniors usually take medications for various health conditions and it important to continue to do even during the holiday season.

It is important to make sure that all medications are filled before Christmas, because a person does not want to empty out their pill bottle at a time when all of the pharmacies are closed. It is also important to have the phone of a doctor handy at all times and if the person is traveling somewhere for the holiday’s they need to remember to pack their medications in their luggage.

Even though people will probably be treating themselves to a lot of unhealthy but incredibly tasty food over the holidays, a good thing to do is to start off those kinds of meals with a fresh salad and a lot of vegetables.

It is also important to note that some foods can interact negatively with various kinds of foods and have potentially dangerous results. It is important to speak with a doctor and to let them know about any possible allergies and, if possible, what medications are being taken and what kind of food is expected to be eaten.

If a person is allergic to something, it is very important to check with whoever is cooking regarding what ingredients they are using.

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