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Exercising is a very important thing because it can make our lives so much easier. Of course, it is recommended to have a workout plan, the one that will help a person to constantly improve when it comes to physical state of the body. And when the body is near the perfection, the mind will definitely follow. But the important thing is to know what you are doing, since simply performing some techniques without any analysis might be dangerous.

A plan

The point is, when exercising, the exact time and forms should be known. Those two depend on the limitation of the body, but also on the weekly workout schedule. This means that it is pointless to exhaust yourself and then have another training session in less than 24 hours. That is not productive and it might cause some medical issues starting from tired muscles and built up toxins in the muscle fibers. Also, good warming up should always be present, because sudden contraction or muscle tension might result in straining and spasms. Good stretching after the training session is also very important because it also warms up the tendons, ligaments and muscles, and also activates the muscles in the opposite direction.

A running plan

Running is an excellent exercise for the overall body condition. It activates almost all muscles in the body and in its core, it is nothing more than a simple motion, which our body is already used to. Muscles used for this process are those of legs, back, hands, and even abs. For overall good running shape, experts recommend a combination of jogging and sprints, since this will completely put the muscles on a test, asking for a maximum. Of course, there are some things that should be known when running. Breathing must be appropriate and might be matched with the rhythm of running; some exhale and inhale every two steps, while some do it at three. Inhaling is done through the nose while exhaling should be done the same way, although many exhale through mouth. Inhaling through nose is important for warming up the air that enters the lungs. And also, dust and bacteria might be blocked in the nose.

It is important to have proper shoes and clothes that is not too tight. Skin needs to breathe and therefore, comfortable gear is needed. There are several problems that might occur while running and one of those is hip pain after running. Several causes might be the root of this problem. Some say that it is because of the inadequate gear, or running technique, or perhaps there is not enough resting. If those three are proper, then visiting a doctor is something that must be done. Pain can be caused by problematic tissue (muscle, bone, tendons), or there might be some problem with nerves that innervates the hip area.

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