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Crabs live in pubic hair of humans. It is a parasite infection that goes by the name of Pediculosis pubis. It is a big as a pinhead and it is an organism that lives in corporation with another host organism, most likely human organism. The official medical name for pubic lice or crabs is Pthirus pubis.

There can be other lices that often lives on people and that are:

Pediculus humanus corporis and Pediculus humanus capitis.

This parasite was named crabs because of the microscopic appearance and is visible organisms without microscopes. The lice invade pubic hair areas but may invade beard, chest, and armpits of men as well. The female lifespan of crabs are three weeks, she delivers few eggs every day. The eggs are located at the base of the pubic hair and it takes about 6-8 days to hatch.

The usual way to catch crabs is a sexual contact. Infected person may pass the infection to other through intimate contact. Pubic lice or crabs may be passed on via contaminated personal items like towels, clothing or bed sheets. But crabs can not jump as flees; it takes close touch or most likely sexual contact to pass it on. Or if the infected person shares towels or bed sheets it is also possible.

The crabs can also pass on pets and pets can pass on infection for further on to another human host. If there is a suspicion that person has crabs it is best to avoid any intimate or sexual contact. Also clothing, towels, textiles, bed sheets are best to be just for a personal use, and not to be shared. Pubic lice may be infecting and contaminating objects for shorter period. All linens or clothing can be disinfected to prevent re-infection or possible spread on the infection.

TreatmentThere is a way to cure person from crabs with medication free to buy at the pharmacies. In bad cases there are prescribed medications. After the treatment simple combing of hair may remove crabs’ eggs. Those combs are free to buy almost everywhere. National Pediculosis Association, for instance offers very popular model of crab comb, called the LiceMeister. There is also a popular way to trim the pubic hair with special electric razor that reduces some lice and eggs.

And of course, there are medications as a treatment with certain drugs:- Lindane (Kwell) Lindane is an alternative treatment and it is issued with doctor's prescription. The medicine is applied for 10 minutes and then washed up with warm water. The drug is not to be used by children and is alternative if other medications do not work out. Side effect of the treatment is possible toxicity for nervous system or brain.- Permethrin (Elimite)It is a drug that needs no prescription. While applying it is important to do not apply it on mucous membranes at opening of vagina or tip of the penis. The treatment is repeated every day 7 to 10 days. - Malathion lotion (Ovide) and ivermectin (Stromectol)Also a prescribed drugs. It is to be used in the combination with antihistamines such as Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) to prevent itching.

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