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Definition and manifestation

Night sweats, as the name itself suggests, stands for excessive body sweating during the night, while sleeping. Since night sweats are different but very similar to, let us say, overexposure to warmth it is hard to successfully diagnose it to begin with. Namely, this condition is not connected to heat of the room where one sleeps or the temperature in general but more connected with excessive sweating with no external cause. Additionally face redness and heat strikes are not connected to thiscondition.

Mainly because of the difficulty in pinpointing the exact cause of night sweating, a doctor is supposed to examine entire medical history of the suffering patient since there can be many causes and underlying factors causing it.

Possible causes and cures

Many different medications may have night sweats as their noted side effect therefore be careful when using those and be aware of the consequences.

As far as cures are concerned, there are many medications based on different herbs, and the effects vary from one individual to another. The most controversial of all these herbs is Black Cohosh. A world-wide known remedy, extremely popular with women fighting their menopausal heat flashes, it is known to be an extraordinary well remedy when it comes to night sweats as well. However, although some say it does wonders, other refuse to use it because of its side-effects claiming it to cause digestive system and liver damage.

Another renowned medicine for night sweats is Dong Quai. Again, the efficiency of this medicine is quite ambivalent among its users and consumers. Some are quite satisfied and found cure in it while others are disappointed and left suffering from this condition. Researches have been made showing that this plant's effect relies greatly on a placebo and that this is, basically, all that it ever does. Science has not yet managed to prove this true or false so the main choice lies in those who choose these kinds od medications. Additionally numerous side-effects and reactions to other medications make many people give up on this one.

Finally, Ginseng presents yet another medicine claimed to remedy this condition. Regardless of its possible success, scientists prove that it mainly causes more relaxed sleep rather than removing the sweating. As with all others, there are numerous side-effects such as insomnia, hypersensitivity, headache, high blood pressure and many others.

Finally, we may leave this open since there has not yet been a scientifically proven medicine which solves this problem. Perhaps daily stress and worries as well as fatigue all products of the modern age lifestyle impact our sleeping and haunt us during it making the very process of relaxation tiresome and causing sweat from the anxiety of it.

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