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Neuropathy is a condition when the nerves connecting the brain and spinal cord do not function properly any more. Neuropathy can cause loss of muscle control, pain, lack of coordination, high blood pressure, problems with bladder and bowel, and loss of sensation. There can be many causes for neuropathy. In some cases, it can be a consequence of genetic disorders. Other cases involve metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cancer or kidney failure. Sometimes neuropathy can be a result of a severe infection, injury or exposure to poisonous chemicals. There are cases in which the cause remains unknown.


The first part of the treatment depends on the cause. If the underlying cause has been diagnosed, you will receive the treatment for that condition. The second part of the treatment involves relieving the symptoms of neuropathy itself. In a lot of cases the patient will need supportive devices such as leg braces or wheelchairs. Ever if there are some muscle movements, the patient may be at risk of falls and injuries. Safety measures are very important because the patients with neuropathy may not feel traumas, injuries, bruises or burns on their body. The treatment also involves medications such as painkillers and antidepressants which are good for relieving the pain. The patients may be also given medications for epilepsy to ease the pain.


One of the herbs which can be used in treatment for neuropathy is cayenne. It is a spice which can be taken with food or separately. Cayenne is recommended for relieving the pain caused by neuropathy. It also helps improve appetite, circulation and function of digestive tract. Cayenne can also be used as lotion. The cayenne lotion is good for treating arthritis and the pain in the muscles. Evening primrose is another herb which has many benefits. It was originally used for treating hemorrhoids and bruises. Today, it is used for treating various conditions such as arthritis, pain in the breast, eczema and neuropathy caused by diabetes. Ginkgo biloba has various functions. It is used in treatments for asthma, anxiety, neuropathy and many more. Ginkgo biloba also stimulates blood flow. Another herb which can have a positive effect on blood flow is butcher's broom. It also helps control pain and numbness caused by neuropathy.


The patient with neuropathy must ear healthy and do moderate exercises. This will improve the overall health and increase energy level. Some patients have chosen alternative therapies which can be very useful. Such therapies include biofeedback or acupuncture.

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