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When we talk about things that need to be done for making ahealthy body, we all think of exercising and healthy eating. And yes, those twoare essential, but not the only important things that could be done. Peopletend to forget that there are many supplements available that really might helpwith keeping the organism as healthy as possible.


It does not even have to be mentioned that there are so manyherbs and herbal products helpful to us, and not only that, those might even helpwith some medical problems, at least with soothing the symptoms. Tea is themost common form of herbs people can use. The problem is, tea is so widelypopular and available, and it is a good question if tea bags you have boughtare really that effective as said on the label, with all those positive effectsprinted on the package. That is why it is important to find herbal productssold by manufacturers who can vouch for the quality and for ingredients inthose products.

All sorts of green tea have been widely used mostly becauseof the amount of anti oxidants that help with elimination of certain toxins inthe organism, especially free radicals. Certain fruits, like acai berry can also be very effective,particularly with toxic elimination and weight reduction (even though proven,weight loss mechanism is not precisely explained with this fruit).


One of the herbs that might be very interesting andeffective is Daucus Carota. Daucus Carota seeds can be used as a naturalcontraceptive measure. All that is needed is to take one tea spoon of seeds(the mechanism is based on decreasing the secretion of progesterone). DaucusCarota seeds also have additional benefits and one of the most important isprevention of certain medical problems such as diabetes, malign tumors, heartissues etc. There are also anti bacterial and diuretic effect, but it can lowersugar levels in blood stream etc. It is obvious that there are so many positivethings that can be said about this herb, so all that is left is to find a goodmanufacturer and start using this herb (if needed, of course). One thing should be mentioned though. If a person decided onpicking up the herb and seeds, extra care has to be present in order not topick some other herbs that have similar looks to Carota and that can be dangerous tohuman health.

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