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People who are prone to suffering from motion sickness know well how complicated this fit can be. Namely, they are likely to be sick when traveling by bus, plane, ship, boat or car. Basically, during all kinds of travels, they need to carry plastic bags with them in case their sickness reaches its peak. This prevents them from enjoying the ride and relaxing during these adventurous endeavors. Thus, motion sickness is something that needs to be prevented. The lines below will look deeper into the problem and provide you with several solutions.

Motion Sickness Defined

Motion sickness is nothing more but nausea which strikes every time you are moving in a vehicle or a vessel of any type. Usually, it progresses from sweating to uneasiness and then to nausea and vomiting. What is more, if you do not prevent this escalation, there is a high likelihood that your whole trip will be accompanied with vomiting, which is a very uncomfortable situation, leading to dehydration and desperation. Moreover, motion sickness may ruin the first couple of days on your holiday, or make you lose appetite and be in a bad mood.

Reasons behind Motion Sickness

The main culprit, believe it or not, is your inner ear. Additionally, your eyes and some other parts of your body may be involved too, sending false messages to your brain, confusing it completely. When suffering from motion sickness, some parts of your body report that you are moving or being moved, while the others negate this, sending information about being still. For example, in a ship cabin, your ears may hear waves, notifying the brain of movement, while your eyes may not sense any motion at all, reporting stagnation and resting. This confuses your brain, leading to motion sickness.

How Can You Deal with Motion Sickness?

First and foremost, you may opt for numerous over-the-counter solutions and homeopathic medicines made specifically for these purposes.

Also, make sure you eat before you set off on your travel. This will keep your stomach full and less prone to irritations. Also, once sickness strikes, you will have something to expel rather than depleting your stomach bile or acids. If you feel that you are going to vomit, close your nose with your fingers, this way, you will prevent the vomit going through your nasal cavity, leaving the smell and the aroma which can only trigger more vomiting later.

Additionally, expose yourself to fresh air and keep looking at the distance. Do not read or focus on details, just enjoy the distant view. You can stop the car and get out for a short walk often since this will balance your state better.

Finally, make sure you carry a plenty of water with you, hydrating your organism adequately. Vomiting can deplete your body of water and you will need to compensate for the losses in this case.

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