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People who have suffered with the headaches know that they can help the situation by either getting some much needed fresh air or having a painkiller. But those people who have the unfortunate pain of suffering with a migraine know there is a huge difference between the two.

What Is a Migraine

The pain will initially begin on one side of your head and then migrate thus being called a migraine to other areas of your head. When you visit your doctor or herbal therapist you will need to be ready to divulge your full history of medicine and treatments. In at least a quarter of people who suffer with migraines, it will be found certain changes such as a weakness in their muscles or a different observation of brightness and also their mood and emotions may change prior to the actual migraine. This will then progress to sickness, a complete prejudice to all light, sounds and even over powering smells. Coupled with these horrific symptoms the host will also have a splitting headache, the one that continually thumps away until you feel suicidal. What Causes a Migraine Crisis?

The causes can be emotional and bodily pressures, it can be from things like the alteration of the weather, feeling hungry and being exhausted and even some food types can bring on an attack for instance cheese and chocolate. The regularity of migraine differs from person to person, it will usually affect a host once a week and in milder cases once a month. In the strongest cases it will affect someone every day. And can continue for hours until it ends. Unluckily nearly three quarters of migraine suffers are in fact women because of the hormone estrogen.

Herbs that give Assistance to the Relief of Migraine Headaches

Herbs are mostly used in the prevention of migraines rather than getting them while there in full motion. You need to be looking at taking them about three times every week. A few to look into are mint, passion fruit, lavender and tilio. The mint herb is an antispasmodic and sedative as well as is the passion fruit which is also high in flavonoids. The lavender has the same reaction as the two herbs mentioned already although you must avoid lavender if you are pregnant because it also has the capability of stimulating the uterus. The tilio again has the same affects as the herbs already mentioned. There are a few other herbs on the market that ahave the power of relieving migraines.

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