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As far as migraines are concerned, first of all, one should see a doctor if new headaches occur or if there are changes in the symptoms of the reoccurring headaches, because there are the certain types of headaches that can be really serious.

One should always learn about headache types on their own. Sometimes migraines do not even include headaches. Migraines can be treated in so many different ways, and sometimes the common painkillers can even make the symptoms worse. Ironically, most patients who suffer from migraines usually do not take medications specifically designed for migraines.

There are quite a few non-drug treatments and home remedies which may be useful for certain migraine cases. One can change the lifestyle or use the benefits of aromatherapies, biofeedback, chiropractic or hot and cold packs. Even improved eating habits can change things for the better. One should always understand what triggers their type of migraine and act accordingly in order to avoid and reduce its occurrence.

Various supplements and herbs can also provide remarkable results. The herbs may or may not be safer than some traditional medications and can interfere and react with other remedies or conditions that a patient might have. As mentioned above, there are certain types of medication that are custom tailored for use against migraines. One should always choose these types of medications over those that can be purchased in pharmacies without prescription. Non-prescription drugs can trigger rebound headaches or cause some other harmful side effects. Triptan and some other abortive types of medications can be helpful, as well as anticonvulsants and beta-blockers. Other options can also be available, but it all depends on the severity of one’s individual condition. Botox can be used in order to trace the muscles that trigger migraine symptoms. Once they get discovered, a surgery fixes the problems with those muscles.

In order to understand the proper treatment for a migraine, one has to know what triggers the chain reaction. A migraine diary is a very helpful device. One can write down when the attacks occur, the symptoms that have occurred and the duration of the attack.

Keeping track of nutritional values and types of food ingested, changes in everyday life and certain other details related to the condition can also be of great help. The migraine diary helps in determining the factors that usually set the migraine off. It also keeps track of efficiency of certain treatments.

One should always take notice that different treatments should not be mixed and that the patience is the key to a permanent cure.

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