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Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers

Ulcer is the defect of the stomach or duodenum mucosa. It covers the entire mucosa thickness and its usual size is from half to three centimeters.


The aggressive factors that contribute to the mucosa damaging include stomach acid and enzymes (pepsin), and spiral bacteria (helycobacter pylori), which is almost always present with acute and chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

Very often stress is considered as a mechanism that damages the mucosal defensive ability.

Among factors that cause peptic ulcer there are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and rheumatism.

Smoking is another important factor in the development of peptic ulcer because smoking slows its healing.


The most common symptom is pain which is usually steady and dull. Pain appears and disappears at intervals of several days to several weeks. Other symptoms include weight loss, loss of appetite, bloating, belching, nausea and vomiting.

Bloody or black colored stools, vomiting bloody content or content that has the look of coffee beans can be signs of serious problems, such as perforation of the stomach or duodenum wall.

Herbs for Peptic Ulcer

In addition to conservative treatment of peptic ulcer which include antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors and other drugs for protecting stomach lining and decreasing acid secretion, also, some herbs and natural substances may be used in the treatment of peptic ulcer.

Below are listed some effective recipes and helpful tea blends for relieving symptoms of peptic ulcer: Drink a spoon of pickled cabbage brine diluted with a little water every hour for some time. Drink 50 g of squeezed potato juice on empty stomach before breakfast and lunch. Treatment last for 6 weeks and assumes a strict diet. Tea blend made of Lady's grass, thyme, nettle, distaff, female plantain and chick-weed (per 50 g), chamomile, marigold flower, arnica flower, Angelica root (per 30 g) and 40 g of buckthorn. Tea should be drunk three times daily for 6 weeks, a cup before eating. Tea blend made of half of a teaspoon of wormwood and Comfrey, St. John's Wort root, juniper fruit (per 50 g). Drink half an hour before meal. Tea blend made of calamus, comfrey and agrimony (per 2 tablespoons) and St. John's Wort, centaury and yarrow(per 3 tbsp) can be consumed. Tea made of 4 tablespoons of Icelandic moss, 2 tbs of marigold petals and 2 tbs of rosemary can be drunk 3 times a day on empty stomach. Let milled cabbage stand overnight. In the morning it should be filtered through gauze. Drink one spoon of juice every morning for seven days. Honey is also used for overcoming gastric ulcer. Taking aproximately 100 g of honey per day for three months on empty stomach certainly heals peptic ulcer. Soak a little bit of lutea root and wormwood in 300 g of cold water. Drink every morning before breakfast Every morning you should drink a spoon of schnapps in which arnica has imbibed for a few days. Supposedly ulcer will go away without a strict diet. Drink tea made of comfrey, quince and flax seed, sweet root and yarrow instead of water. Drink one sip of tea made of horsetail, thyme and wormwood every hour. Bathing in the water in which young oak bark is cooked every other day is also helpful in healing peptic ulcer.


In order to cure the ulcers, patients must change their way of life. First of all, they should avoid eating heavy and spicy food. Also, drinking any alcoholic beverages or smoking is strictly forbidden. Patients should provide themselves optimal and proper sleep and, whenever possible, rest after meals.

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