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There is a general misconception that all different types of raw vegetables are good for the health of human beings. They indeed are very beneficial in providing the human body with a vast array of precious nutrients, but only if they can be digested properly. This is a problem which not a lot of people are actually aware of. It is very important to be able to choose the right vegetables because not all of them are that beneficial. Luckily enough, vegetables can be found in abundance everywhere on earth and they are very important in providing various different types of essential minerals and vitamins.

Raw Vegetables and Digestion

Another common misconception is that raw vegetables supposedly contain plenty of enzymes which are very efficient in enhancing the process of digestion. This could be true, but still there is an issue with all that. An average digestive system of an average person is unfortunately too weak to digest raw vegetables, so it does not actually matter if they contain the beneficial enzymes or not.

Further Complications

There are a large number of people who experience abdominal bloating, painful sensations in the abdomen, excess gas and other digestive distresses after eating any type of meal which includes raw vegetables. One should pay attention to all the consequences of consuming raw vegetables, if there are any. Poor digestion of raw vegetables is a rather common thing among a large number of people, but the popular belief dictates that the raw vegetables are actually very healthy. As mentioned before, most types of raw vegetables contain plenty of digestion enhancing enzymes, but they also contain abundant amounts of cellulose. Cellulose is a certain types of fiber which is very hard to digest. Fibers are not cherished because they have some exceptional nutritional value, they are helpful in forming a healthy stool and maintaining proper health of the intestines. The intestinal bacteria are responsible for producing cellulase, which is actually the type of enzyme required for the digestion of cellulose. This enzyme breaks the cellulose down into blood sugar.

Historical Facts

The traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back many a centuries shows that even in the ancient times of mankind, people were fully aware that it is hard to digest raw vegetables. Ever since then, it is strongly suggested that one should create a healthy inner ecosystem by eating foods which are very efficient in teaming up with the friendly bacteria located in the intestines.

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