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There are two sorts of diverticular disorders, the severe diverticular disorders and the milder ones which are called diverticulosis. It begins when the inside line of the bowel extends beyond the muscles which surround it. This makes small bags or pockets which can be tiny or wide an inch. If the food crumbs get inside these pockets, they can become inflamed and later on infected.

The most common cause of diverticulosis is a low fiber diet because this kind of food makes the stool solid and it is difficult for the colon to pass hard stool. As the bowel moves while straining, it can cause diverticulosis or worsen the condition even more. Also the low fiber food moves very slowly through the body and therefore the chances for food to be trapped in the pockets are bigger. In some cases physical inactivity can affect the colon so it does not function properly.

Although herbal remedies can not cure the pockets, there are a lot of herbs which can help the colon to perform better. An herb called psyllium provides the necessary fibers and it is also helpful against constipation. Flaxseeds are also rich in fiber and they are good for protecting against the infections. These herbs may be combined with probiotics such as acidophilus. This is recommended for defending against infections and stomach acid. The aloe vera juice is also good for treating an inflammation. For the regeneration of cells of the colon, it is advised to take the amino acid glutamine together with some of the herbs. The slippery elm is good for easing the infected pockets and constipation. The herbs such as wild yam and chamomile are recommended for inflammation. For treatment against stomach cramps the peppermint leaves are excellent, and the melissa and valerian herbs can help relieve the problems with the digestive tract. Marshmallow, hops and oats are also good for diverticular disorders.

In order to increase the fibers consummation, you should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grain food. In addition to that, you should drink a lot of fluid, at least eight glasses. As far as aloe vera juice is concerned, you should drink a half of a cup twice a day. Chamomile tea should be drunk three times a day. Flaxseeds are supposed to be taken dissolved in a glass of water twice a day. A cup of tea made of peppermint, wild yam and valerian should be drunk four times a day. You can put sugar if you want to. Psyllium can be taken in tablets or as powder which is dissolved in water or juice two times a day. Slippery elm can be eaten the same way as cereals each morning or it can be drunk as tea three times a day. Acidophilus pills should be taken twice a day.

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