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Nowadays, holistic health movement is known as one of the most promising in the treatment of cancer. Herbs that can do wonders in the cancer treatment are at the top of the list and the most famous ones are the ones that are in the Hoxley formula and Essiac. Hoxley formula of herbs is in use since the 1840 and it got the name after the man who developed it. Essiac herbal mixture was given to Rene Caisse back in 1922. A women treated by an Indian medicine man gave it to her and she gave it to her relative who had breast cancer. After the treatment with Essiac tea, woman recovered completely and lived another 21 years.

During the eighties, people become aware of the fact that the modern medicine can do much in the cancer treatment. Then they turned to natural remedies that are made of different herbs. As the people who were suffering from cancer outlived medical forecasts, herbs become widely popular in treatments of all sorts of health conditions.

Qualities of cancer herbs

The primary quality of cancer herbs is to help the body to get rid of the toxics that are gathered inside. So, during the process of detoxification, with the help of herbs our body is cleaning from every unwanted object including cancer and tumor cells. In that process, water plays an important part, providing our body with a lot of fluid that supports herbs in their activity of detoxification. The role of cancer herbs is also to strengthen our immune system, and they achieve that by providing it with exact micronutrients that are required for proper functioning. There is something that has to be emphasized, and it refers to the facts that herbs don’t have the same effect on every person who uses them. One has to discover a perfect combination that can help him/her.

How to obtain perfect herbal combination?

First, one has to pay a visit to a health professional who can do certain tests in order to discover what herbs are the best for you. You may also have to visit an acupuncturist so that he could examine your tongue, face and body type before he prescribes some herbs. That is done as a precaution from certain side effects that can be caused by herbs. After that, you can begin with herbal treatment whenever you want, but you have to be informed about herbs from the internet, health practitioners or other means of information, so that you are sure that the right herb mixture is used.

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