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Triphala powder is among the most common herbalformulas. It is used in ayurvedic medicine due to its many beneficial properties. Triphala powder is made of three plants: Amalaki orAmla, Bibhitaki or Baheda and Haritaki or Harada. The powder is made of theequal parts of these three herbs. The word triphala is actually a Sanskrit wordand stands for ‘three fruits’. The triphalapowder is made from the fruits of these three plants. The seeds of these threeherbs are not used for the triphala powder.

These three herbs are rich in many vitamins andminerals. For example, Amalaki or Amla is high in vitamin C, while Bibhitaki orBaheda is rich in vitamin A, proteins and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Haritakior Harada is widely considered to be an effective heart and brain tonic.

Health benefits of triphala

The triphala powder is usually used indetoxification of the organism. For that reason, it is considered to be one ofthe most effective remedies for the colon cleanse and constipation. One shouldknow that he/she cannot develop addiction to this powder when he/she uses iteven frequently. Many people use this formula to improve the bloodcirculation and to lower the blood pressure. The triphala powder is also verygood for the liver health and can help those who want to lose the body weight. Furthermore, the triphala powder is very effective infighting bacteria and viruses, as well as allergies. This formula also promotesthe hair growth and the powder is used for cleaning the oily hair. The acneface pack may be made of the triphala powder.

There are some researches that proved that the triphalapowder has the properties that can inhibit the development of cancer. The eyesight may be improved by triphala powdersince it helps in strengthening the muscles of the eyes. Cataracts and glaucoma, as well as progressive myopia and conjunctivitis may also be treatedsuccessfully with this marvelous formula. Moreover, impaired vision and theredness in the eyes may be treated with triphala powder.

Dosage of triphala powder

Triphala is available in powder form, but also in theform of tablet. When the triphala powder is in the question, a solution of thepowder and warm water is made. This solution should be drunk before going tobed at night. In severe cases, it is recommended to drink a solutionof one gram of triphala powder and warm water three times a day.

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