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Living healthy requires several things, exercising, dieting, use of supplements and some would add, colon cleansing from time to time. What is the point of colon cleansing?


Colon is the last part of the intestines, the one that leads directly to anus. It is a space where waste material is being accumulated and that material is excluded from the organism with the process of defecation. This means that colon has that heavy role of containing many toxic substances. So, it seems logic that this space should be relieved from its role from time to time. Eliminating all the waste material from colon and intestines will create several positive effects. One of those effects is rejuvenation of the intestinal walls and the bacterial flora that grows in it. Also, the energy used for containing that waste material can be used somewhere else in the organism, where it is needed more. Of course, there is the obvious effect of the weight loss, even though it is not fat tissue or excessive water. Relieving the intestines from the waste material also eliminates large amount of bacteria in the organism, and also reduces the volume of the stomach. This is logical, because diameter of intestines throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract is reduced.

Recipe for colon cleansing

There are several types of food that should be used in order to initiate colon cleansing. Fruits, veggies and grains have to be used in at least 5 meals a day. Even more meals are recommended because that is the best way to keep digestion process up and running all the time, which is also needed for colon cleansing. Each colon cleanser recipe will tell you that one of the most important things is to use water as much as possible and as often as possible. One of the examples of the colon cleanser recipes is P&B shake, containing psyllium powder and bentonite clay. All that is needed is to find these two ingredients in a local store, and it is also recommended for those two to be in a liquid shape for faster digestion process.

There are also those who claim that colon cleansing is not healthy that much, if at all. They say that colon itself is supposed to be filled with some waste material because that is its role, which means that it might not be natural for the colon to be empty. Whatever the case, it is always recommendable to consult a doctor before acting.

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