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Rib fracture can be a mild or severe injury. It can develop in a form of small cracks and sometimes it can be very intensive when fractured parts of the bone move and cause damage to internal organs. It is essential to properly diagnose the condition, evaluate the extent of damage to the affected rib and nearby tissues and start with adequate treatment.

More about Broken Rib

Today doctors frequently encounter broken rib cases. The injured area is very painful and patients tend to remain immobile as much as possible since the pain intensifies even with the slightest movement. The problem is that our rib cage moves each time we inhale and exhale. This consequently results in persistent pain that cannot be controlled with complete immobility.

Rib fractures are common for car and other vehicle accidents. They also affect athletes when the fracture develops as a consequence of direct impact into the rib cage. Older people are more susceptible to rib fractures. Fortunately, treatment is generally not so complex and almost all patients recover completely, without any serious complications.Broken Rib Treatment

The first symptom of rib injury in general, especially rib fracture is pain. In mild cases of rib fracture, a person can help him/herself by doing the following. He/she should cut approximately 5 strips of a couple of inches wide adhesive tape. The stripes must be of adequate length in order to connect the breast bone with the area of the spine. Directly place a strip onto the fractured rib. The strip starts on the sternum, goes across the fractured bone and ends on the spine. It is essential never to put the tape around the entire chest because this can jeopardize breathing. After immobilizing the broken rib, one should also place around 4 pieces of tape on either side of broken rib. These should run parallel to each other. By doing all the mentioned the injured area will not move excessively and such restriction will significantly reduce the pain. One is supposed to seek medical attention in order to receive further treatment.

Severe Rib Fracture Treatment

Major rib injury associated with severe rib fracture may be apart from pain associated with more complex health issues. For instance, one may have breathing difficulties, elevated heart rate or cough up blood. In such case it is essential to analyze the movement of the chest. If one part of the chest is rising while the other one is falling during breathing, there is a chance that at least 3 ribs have been broken. In order to help such patients, it is good to take a rolled piece of clothing and place it below the fractured part. This is excellent support for the injured part. Such injury requires emergency medical assistance. Patients should be transferred to the nearest hospital where they undergo examination, imaging methods and other tests and exams which evaluate the damage to the affected area and surrounding organs. Doctors chose the most convenient treatment, either conservative or surgical, depending on the extent of injury and damage to surrounding tissues.

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