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Hemp oil fits into the categoryof super food because it is very rich in essential fatty acids and gammalinolenic acid. The perfect ratio of acids that it contains proved to beoptimal for the treatment of various skin conditions such as acne, psoriasisand eczema. Hemp oil provides soft skin, stronger nails and thick, smooth hairin just a few weeks of use.

The linoleum and linolenic acidscontained in the hemp oil are the essential building block of eicosapentanoicand docosahexanoic acids which are the main reasons for the aforementionedhealth benefits. They are also very efficient for the treatment of cardiovasculardiseases and various types of cancer. Hemp oil is also one the only food oilthat contains GLA essential fatty acid which is very efficient in relieving thesymptoms of premenstrual tension. Fish can be contaminated with mercury andother types of toxins, so hemp oil can always come in handy as a supplement.Pregnant and nursing women should especially take notice of that fact becausethey still need to maintain a satisfying level of essential fatty acids in thebody.

The benefits of essential fattyacids can be found in hemp seeds as well. They are very rich in proteins whichputs them up as a rival to soy. Besides containing the amino acids, the hempseeds are also abundant in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E and chlorophyll.

Another important value of hempseeds is that they are a source of protein and antioxidants which has not beenmodified genetically, unlike other sources. Hemp also does not require any typeof chemicals for the growth of its crops and it does not produce any waste atall. Its byproducts can also be used for various other commercial applicationsvery efficiently.

Because of its high content ofessential fatty acids, hemp oil can be easily affected by light and heat and itshould not be fried in order to keep its health benefits intact. Exposure tooxygen depreciates the oil quality, so it’s always extracted from the seeds inan oxygen-free environment by using a rotating press. One should only use oilprepared in that way and always store it in a refrigerator.

One might worry if it is illegalbut it definitely is not. Many times people incorrectly associate it with themarijuana which is a psychoactive substance due to its psychoactive ingredientcalled THC. Hemp oil contains very small amounts of THC which is really insignificant.All the hemp oil products comply with the Government regulations concerning thecontent of THC.

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