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Males often suffer from hematuria when a urinary track infection occurs. Other conditions that can lead to hematuria include kidney stones and trauma that appears due to an accident. Hematuria can be noticed when there is a blood, whose quantity depends on the severity of condition of the urine. If the disease hasn’t progressed, blood traces can be seen only under microscope.


As it is known, urinary tract is formed out of bladder, kidneys,prostate, urethra and ureters. So, if any of these parts of urinary system have some problems, hematuria may appear as a consequence. The problems may be mild, causing no need for worry, but on the other hand, a person may be dealing with cancer that demands immediate medical intervention. One of the ways to diagnose hematuria is through blood sample. As we had said before, if there is a presence of blood in the urine, then hematuria is present. Another way to set diagnosis is with the strip on which you have put some urine, and that is dipped in the chemical and if the color alters, then the person has hematuria. In order to discover potential abnormalities in the bladder, prostate and urethra, a procedure named cystoscopy is performed.

Causes for hematuria appearance in males are mostly connected with some kind of injury or other conditions that interfere with the proper functioning of the urinary tract system. Kidney stones are one of the most common causes for hematuria in males, because these stones injure inner lining of the urinary tracts system, thus, causing hematuria. Hematuria can also appear due to inflammation of the kidney, enlargement of prostate, injury, prostatitis, urinary tract infections, and even exercises. Hematuria due to urinary tract infection is also very common among the male population. The bacteria that is inside urethra increases and enters the bladder. The urine that has been under some infection along with the blood also smells very strange.

Treatment for Hematuria in Males

In order to achieve a successful treatment, doctors have to diagnose the underlying condition. If, for example, a person has a urinary tract infection, doctor may prescribe antibiotics. The person who is treated from hematuria has to restrain from any hard physical activity, as it can lead to much bigger problems. If hematuria appears due to overexercising, there is no reason for worry. Few days of rest are all that is needed so that everything returns to normal.

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