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is a very intense sport and rugby players do not only need muscles, but also mass. They need to be quite strong and full of energy in order to be able to not only play, but also endure the hard training. A proper diet plays a very important role there.

The importance of vitamins

First and foremost, a rugby player requires a great deal of vitamins; therefore, he must eat vast portions of fruits and vegetables every day. The recommended amount is anything over five portions per day.

The importance of carbohydrates

Obviously, since both the mass and the muscles are very important for rugby players, they will need to take in a lot of foods containing carbohydrates, particularly the starchy kind. This kind is also quite rich in fiber which is a nutrient that is very important for everyone to consume on a daily basis. The best way to make sure that the daily intake of carbohydrates is sufficient, it is recommended to include them in at least one of the three main meals per day. They are included in all kinds of foods, so there is a variety to choose from, as they can be found in cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and even fruits.

The importance of proteins and dairy products

As for the proteins and dairy products, they are really not as important for rugby players as the above-mentioned nutrients. Of course, that does not mean that they should be completely excluded from the diet of rugby players, but rather that the amount of foods containing these nutrients should be decreased to a low level. This refers to the foods such as meat, poultry, fish, beans, and peas, as well as the above-mentioned dairy products. The thing is that proteins would unnecessarily increase the mass in the muscles because the muscle gain that rugby players obtain from carbohydrates is more than enough.

Also, what’s really important to remember is that the foods that are high in fats and sugar are to be reduced to an absolute minimum. That means avoiding butter, fast food, creamy sauces and fried food at all costs.

The importance of fluids

Finally, rugby players should drink as many fluids throughout the day as possible, especially water. However, alcohol is not included in this category as it can only have a negative effect on one’s body. From the way it makes the body more susceptible to injuries to leading to weight gain, it simply is in no way recommended. On the other hand, what is very useful to practice is drinking a glass of water with every single food intake.

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