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For thousands of years, humans have been aware of the benefits of garlic to their health. The green garlic is collected when it is juvenile at the stage when the cloves are not fully established. The flavor of this particular garlic is slightly milder than their older counterparts. Every part of the plant contains active ingredients, however, the actual clove holds the most.

Preparation of Fresh Garlic ClovesThe cloves can be stored in a dry place for about two months. When you wish to use a garlic clove you must first unwrap it from the outer white casing. It can be prepared in the kitchen in a number of different ways for the use of consumption or for medical use. It can even be made into a garlic juice.

The Benefits of GarlicGarlic is known for its assistance with cataract, chiefly in smokers, and also for people who suffer with colds. Similar to the juice of an onion, one table spoon full of garlic mixed in half a pint of tepid warm water is used as treatment against worms in infants. In the Mediterranean countries where garlic is a main ingredient it is known that there is a lower rate of heart diseases than in other European countries. There was a study performed where people who suffered with headaches and diarrhea drank garlic juice. It was evident that their symptoms disappeared, as well as, that they also had elevated levels of positive bacteria which help the digestion of food. In addition to the benefits mentioned, garlic juice will also assist people with tuberculosis, entercolitis and amoebic dysentery.

Instructions on How to Make Garlic Juice

Firstly you need to peel a head of garlic. You can peel more if you desire to make a great amount of garlic juice at one time. Next you need to put the garlic in a food processor and puree it. If you do not have a food processor you can crush the garlic in a press. Now, you will need to pour the garlic into a strainer and into a bowl. You can use a spatula to make sure you get all the juice from the strainer and then throw away the pulp. At this stage you can pour the garlic puree through a coffee filter for added straining, this can be pressed gently with a spatula to speed up the process. The juice can be placed in a fridge in a glass container.

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