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The following text will talk about the fine motor skill. So what are they? They are body muscles that are responsible for fastening clothes, grasping tiny objects, writing and other activities. The fine motor skills require dexterity, fine motor control and strength. We will see how fine motor skills affect the living and learning skills of an individual. Numerous school activities depend on the fine motor skills, but our whole life depends on them as well. If a child suffers from a weak fine motor skill, he or she will have problems with turning a page of a book, writing, eating, grooming, as well as many other problems.

Practical Improvement Strategies

Education may be affected by the weak fine motor skill and if this is a problem that your child has, you should see an IEP team and talk about this issue. Occupational or physical therapist can evaluate your case and see if the fine motor skills are responsible for the problem. If this is the case, the therapy will be helpful and the fine motor skills can be improved. There are ways of evaluating if your child needs therapy for the weak fine motor skills. There may also be a need for the specially designed instruction, and if this is the case, the educational program your child will receive will have this fact written on it.

Improving Fine Motor Skills with Games and Toys

Fine motor skills can be improved with the use of toys and games and there are toys and games for toddlers and infants, toys for toddlers to 24 months, remote control cars and others. Video games can also be of great help and school children can benefit from the board games with parts and pieces that move. These board games are one of the best in improving the fine motor skills. Strategy game called Jenga, which turns focus on the pincher grip, can also be very useful.

Improving Fine Motor Skills with Coloring and Drawing

Use of chalk, collared pencils, crayons and marker can be beneficial for your child with weak fine motor skills. The child can only scribble and the benefits will be experienced. Drawing can be very useful for children with this kind of problem. Coloring paper with many shapes and colors can be made. The sheet of this paper can be made with the black crayon and remember to scratch off the safety scissors or orange stick.

Improving Fine Motor Skills with Origami

This fun craft can be very useful. You can improve the fine motor skills by using wrapping, construction and many other decorative papers. Fine motor skills can be improved with paper cutting and this can be either complex or simple. Start with cutting out of the paper chains. There are tons of ideas for activities that improve fine motor skills. Your child can make paper snowflakes, greeting cards, practice kirigami, which is a decorative paper cutting craft coming from China. These activities are best for children older than nine years of age.

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