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Maintaining a healthy diet has become quite a rarity thesedays. People tend to turn to artificial and processed foods more and more forwhatever reason. But for anyone who wants to remain in good shape and lead ahealthy lifestyle, a healthy diet is the way to go, particularly in the longrun. The key properties of a good healthy diet are balance, moderation, andvariation of foods.

The importance of balance in the diet

Having a balanced diet means making sure that none of thekinds of foods which are consumed are not too excessive in amount whencompared to other kinds. This is, of course, based on the nutritional valueseach food has. This balance is usually maintained if a person consumes fromabout 60 to 70 percent of carbohydrates, 10-15 percent of proteins and not more than 30 percent offats. Last but not the least, having a balanced diet means avoidingartificial and processed foods as much as possible, and making sure to eat alot of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

The importance of moderation in the diet

Apart from preferring processed foods over healthy ones,people are also becoming more and more likely to overeat in all situations. Forexample, rarely does anyone pay attention to the fact that their hunger issatisfied while there is still food on the plate. Whether this is in order to not throw away food or simply compulsive, it is one of the small things thatlead to people being overweight. That is why it is important to listen to thebody, in order to make sure not to over do anything. Particularly in situations wherescrumptious desserts or delicious foods are offered in situations where onedid not actually plan to eat, or they justhappen to be lying around. In situations like that, one has to be remindedthat it is not the hunger that is causing him to eat, but simple desire of thosefoods. So, when one learns to make the distinction between hunger and simplecravings, as well as to show restraint in eating unnecessary foods, a person willbe able to maintain a moderate diet.

The importance of variation in the diet

Variation in the diet is also really important because themore different foods one consumes, the more nutritional elements they will beable to obtain. The fact that vitamins and minerals are food-specific is quitefamiliar. Also, adding spices to the diet may increase the nutritional value offoods once consumes and makes for more exotic and appetizing meals.

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