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The human body requires a wide array of amino acids,vitamins and essential mineral so that it may function properly. There are someof them which can be produced in the human body but there are also more than 90of them which cannot. Outside sources like food and supplements provide themissing ones. One must always maintain a steady and well balanced diet whichincludes all the required nutrients in order to avoid mental difficulties,physical illnesses and numerous other types of health conditions. All dietary deficiencies have a common symptomand that is depression. Psychiatry often label people as mentally ill andprescribe some pills to take care of the problem. Unfortunately, such treatmentdoes not address the nutritional deficiency which caused the problem in thefirst place. Depleted soils and debt-driven manufacturing process decrease theamount of essential nutrients in the food items the mankind consumes. Mostpeople choose to use dietary supplements when it comes to obtaining all thevital nutrients which are no longer to be found in the food. A growing numberof preservatives, additives and other toxins used in the production of food isalso very harmful.

Mineral Supplements

It is important to note that not all mineral supplementsavailable on the market can be easily assimilated by the human body. Mineralsare not organic substances, and they require some more time in order to beabsorbed. The plants actually break down and process the minerals into certainforms which are much easier to assimilate by the human body. That is why it isa good idea to consume as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, becausethey provide abundant amounts of minerals.

And here we have a problem with mineral supplements. Many ofthe contain minerals in forms the body struggles to assimilate and when itcannot assimilate them, it either stores them somewhere or expels them. Somenutritional supplements may be harmful because of certain chemical compoundsthey sometimes contain. Those includesugar, preservatives, artificial coloring, coal tars and other highly processedchemicals. All nutrients need to be inter-balanced in order to avoid theoccurrence of certain medical conditions. Excessive amounts of one nutrient maydeplete the amounts of certain other nutrients in a very dangerous manner.Undigested supplements can be flushed out very easily without being absorbed bythe body. A healthy balance of natural foods and dietary supplements may be thebest solution for everyone.

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