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Nature makes sense. When you eat the fruit or vegetable, you do it for the nutrition or in other words, phytochemicals. So what are they and what do they do? Phytochemicals are the product of photosynthesis. The seeds, from which the plant arises, have no phytochemicals. As the plant is growing, it becomes exposed to sunlight. This triggers the process of photosynthesis and phytochemicals arise in the plant's roots as a product of it.

Some Advices

After some time, the plant becomes ripe. Once the plant is ripened, all the phytochemicals are released, and they tend to concentrate in the pulp and the skin. Their main goal is to slow the aging and rotting process down. They do so by blocking the sun beams and the plant stays fresh for a while. So why does it matter?

Well, it matters a lot if you want to eat fresh and nutritive fruits and vegetables. Think of it like this. You go to the store to buy some bananas. Well, when you think, they've travelled quite some distance and still stayed fresh; mistake. They were picked when they were still green and they ripened while on their way. So now we come to the point. When they were finishing the process of ripening, where did they pick all the phytochemicals from? The answer is they didn't. There was no root from where they would be able to pick all the nutrition. The easiest way to find that out is just to bite the vegetable. If it isn't tasty and juicy, it ripened in a box and has no nutritional value. Now we come to the problem.

Why wouldn't they pick the fruits when they ripe? If they would, it would become rotten on its way to the stores. Now you can realize the problem. If they pick the plant while it's green, it doesn't have all its nutritional value, while in other case, it becomes rotten. So, what's the solution?

Pick them ripe and then dry them out and freeze simultaneously. When you do it, ship them as a food supplement. So the next question might be: "Is this a good substitute for all the fruits and vegetables?" No. The best possible thing for you to do would be organic growing your own plants. Unfortunately, this is quite impossible for the greatest part of population to do. The second possible solution would be buying fresh organic food. Finally, the solution might be combining plants (as they provide fiber, natural enzymes, some nutrition and roughage) and the supplements (for their nutritional value).

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