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Health at workplace

When speaking about the general health and the conditions that endanger every worker, health at the workplace can sometimes be very hard to sustain. Almost always there is always a co-worker who is coughing or sneezing, just spreading the virus around. Sometimes, the job of protecting yourself from the viruses that surround you in your office can be difficult, but we will try to help you to at least decrease the chances of getting sick.


Because the viruses and harmful bacteria are spread very easily, washing your hands as much as you can is an excellent idea. Washing your hands is advised after each cough or use of a restroom. You can also acquire a bottle of sanitizer and keep it in your office to wash hands with it but keeping the environment, meaning your office, clean is also important. Whatever object you use in your work, be it a keyboard or phone clean it, so the harmful bacteria and germs do not attach and remain until someone catches them.

Diets are also important and remember never to skip on breakfast. Many people skip breakfast because it takes a lot of precious time in the morning, or because they are rushing to get to the office, or they simply say they do not have the time. Breakfast will help with maintaining proper weight. Try to limit the contact with sick co-workers, since some do not want to stay at home sick, but they come to the office.

Water is very important for our body. It makes our body well hydrated and it removes the harmful toxins from the body. Because of this, drink at least eight glasses of water during the day, and it will make you feel better and prepared to work. Breaks are also an important part of maintaining healthy body in the office.

Walking for several minutes is advised, whenever you feel sore or tired. You will feel much better and more prepared for work. You can also do some stretching in your office. Try to use every of your vacation days, because they will do you good. The stress will be gone when you dedicate a few days to yourself and the things that you like. Try to quit smoking, since all of us are familiar with the bad effects of the cigarettes. It will harm our productivity and also make our body more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

We have given you several tips that can make your work a bit more productive and that can reduce the chances of catching a cold or similar condition.

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