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Many of us know how stressful and tiresome office work can be and how it can sometimes impair our health. Some people work in small cubicles and they cannot perform exercises that can be found in magazines, the ones described as exercises that can be done at the office. These cubes are hardly big enough to move, but there are some things you can do even in them, in order to improve and maintain your health.


Since, in these cubicles there are many drawers, chose one to be the drawer for your health. In this drawer put some bags of herbal tea without caffeine, some healthy snacks and gel that you can use if someone from the office is having problems with the flu. You can also put one decorative canvas bag in which you can store your running shoes that you can use during the break. It is very important to increase the flow of blood to your brain. There is a general belief that when we sit, the gravity pulls our body naturally towards the floor, and this goes for our blood as well. This happens when you experience swollen feet or puffiness sensation in your legs. If this is the case, the blood has spent much more time down than it is supposed to, and we have to move the legs and arms to increase the flow of the blood.

Every single item of your equipment, at least the most important ones, should be kept on the top shelf. In this way, you will stand up and sit down many times during the day, helping your blood flow. One of the most common injuries in the office is the muscular injury, which is usually a result of a repetitive motion like typing. Because of this, we advise the use of a wrist support and a break from typing every hour. Remember that you have a speaker if you are spending a lot of time talking on the phone. Even a better solution is the use of a headset.

The intake of water is also important. Water will cause loss of weight, eliminate cold more effectively, and replenish the fluids in the system after the workout. Use a thermos in your office and keep your body hydrated. We also recommend the use of vitamins. Buy one flashy container and put the bottle in, and it will constantly remind you of the vitamins you need to consume. Remember to take them with you if you leave the office, since they can be dangerous to other people.

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